The Olson Electric Standard of Quality

Olson Electric LTD has been in business on the Sunshine Coast since 1990. Our friendly, qualified, and professional electricians have served the communities of BC from Langdale to Powell River, and take pride in the quality of their work. Our teams work to the highest standards at competetive rates on residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

No job is too big or too small, the same principles of quality workmanship and thorough process upon which the company was built are still present today. Our unwaivering commitment to our customers has kept us in business even during times of economic hardship, and we take pride in knowing our clients are satisfied with every job, even if that job is only changing a few lightbulbs.

Dennis Olson

Our dedicated team of electricians can design electrical plans for your new home or renovation, as well as repair or upgrade light fixtures, power distribution systems, heating systems, outlets, switches and anything in between. Our team can also pre-wire and install security systems, telephone systems, computer and cable networking as well as fire alarms and smoke detection systems.


Our friendly and qualified office staff and employees are on hand to answer any questions regarding your current or pending contract work. Our bids are always competitive, and our electricians can plan and install switch gear, panels, generators, fire alarms, emergency lighting, devices, boxes, heaters, fixtures, photo controls, cable trays, fire sealants and other electrical components as required.


Olson Electric has proudly sponsored over 20 apprentices who have worked with our journeyman electricians and attended a four year program of in-school training, finally obtaining the Red Seal and BC Certification of Qualification from the BC Apprenticeship Program.

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice, we encourage you to get in contact with us.



When all the lights go out, our generators kick in, restoring your power in as little as 10 seconds – without harming your sensitive electronics. From our smallest generator all the way up to our 125kW unit, we provide you with the power to keep life going. Keep the game on. Keep the coffee brewing. And the moment alive. Whatever the weather’s doing doesn’t matter because Kohler generators give you the power to live confidently.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are typically installed on a roof but can also be installed on ground mounts and tracking systems. Solar panels are made up of individual photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) power. The system can be tied directly to the electrical grid (grid tied) or be used as a stand alone system for power generation with battery back-up power.

Data & Telephone Systems

For our business customers our trained technicians are qualified to install, upgrade and service Panasonic, Nortel and Meridian phone and voice mail systems. On the Sunshine Coast Westcoast Phoneman is the Panasonic Phone Systems representative. If your business is moving, we can relocate your phones and phone numbers for you.

For our residential customers Westcoast Phoneman can “add – a – jack” to your phone or Internet service and do repairs to existing jacks and wiring.

Fire Alarm Installations & Inspections

Using the most up to date products and technologies, Sunshine Coast Fire Protection will develop a system that will protect your property and buildings and maintain your fire safety and emergency plans. Our certified ASST (Applied Science Technologist and Technician) can design, install, service and maintain your fire prevention system.

Sunshine Coast Fire Protection is committed to provide our customers with the highest level of service available through our commitment to customer satisfaction, quality products, teamwork, employee education and our constant attention to detail. We will govern our every action with the best interest of our customers, employees and suppliers in mind.


Electrical Service

From plugs in walls to shopping malls, our team of qualified electricians can solve any electrical issue. Big or small, every job matters to Olson Electric.


With Kohler, you stay connected to the world and what you love to do. In nasty storms or utility failures, we keep your and your family comfortable, safe, and secure.

Industrial & PLC

If your facility is inoperable due to equipment failure, our qualified PLC technicians can diagnose and get you back up and running quickly and efficiently.

Off-Grid & Solar

The price of solar has significantly decreased in the past few years. Take advantage of reliable, quiet, and clean renewable energy for decades to come.

Fire Protection

Your source for expert fire protection system design, installation, inspection and maintenance, performed by our highly trained professionals using the latest fire protection technology and products.

Phone & Data

Are business or office communications important to you? Our technicians can update, repair, or maintain your systems as well as train your staff or employees.


Our recent clients include:
  • Blackfish Cold Beer & Wine Store
  • The Blackfish Pub
  • Seaside Center
  • Eecol Electric
  • Sunnycrest Mall
    • BC Liquor Store
    • The Dog's Ear
    • Reitman's Clothing Store
    • Peggy Sue's
    • Candy O's
  • Tsain-Ko Mall
  • The Watermark, Sechelt
  • The Landing Condominiums
  • Chelsea Heights Townhouses
  • Ebbtide Place
  • Olympic / Paralympic Live Sites
  • Christiansen Village
The Watermark, Sechelt BC

The Watermark is Olson Electric's newest and largest project. Located in downtown Sechelt, the six storey condo building features 104 suites as well as over 6,500 square feet of retail and commercial space on site.

Olson Electric was selected for our quality of workmanship, which is important to any and all successful residential electrical systems. However, in a large structure this importance becomes paramount to success. Our electricians worked to ensure every unit would meet or exceed our standards.


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